greener together.

Sustainability in action

As an innovative, employee-led engineering company, we are committed to a sustainable future and are proud to play our part. We see it as our duty to evaluate and implement sustainable solutions for our customers. We believe that every company has a role to play in protecting the environment, and we help our customers make that contribution.

We are proud that we have already been able to convince numerous customers with our solutions and that we continue to successfully implement new projects. We look forward to shaping a sustainable future together with you.

Peleven is on its way

Climate neutral from day 1 - Scope 1 & 2

As a young engineering company founded in 2020, we are insanely proud to announce that we have been climate neutral in Scope 1 and 2 since 2022!

In Scope 3, we still emitted 1.22 kg CO2e per working hour in 2022. We also want to become climate neutral in Scope 3 as soon as possible.

Together we can make a big difference and create a greener future!
kg CO2e per hour, Scope 1+2
kg CO2e per hour, Scope 1-3

Carbon Footprint

We can help you create and maintain Corporate Carbon Footprints (Scope 1 to 3) and Product Carbon Footprints so you have a clear picture of how much CO2 your organisation or products emit.


We can also help you adapt to new legal requirements such as the CSRD and prepare sustainability reports in line with international standards that document your sustainability performance and progress.

We can also support you in carrying out sustainability assessments conducted by companies such as EcoVadis, CDP, S&P or Sustainalytics.

Reduce operating costs - protect the environment

Our employees specialise in identifying reduction potential and successfully implementing projects based on this to reduce your operating costs while minimising your environmental impact. We are aware that sustainability projects are often not possible without CapEx. That is why, thanks to our network, we are proud to be able to offer you a solution on request that allows you to benefit directly from the ecological and economic advantages of a sustainability project without having to bear the necessary investment costs yourself.